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A Sense of Purpose is a metalcore band based out of Cleveland, OH.

 The band released their new EP MEND (2018) on September 7th. The album is a six-song collection of their most compelling work to date. Collectively, the album is a lamentation on the ways disconnect and unfulfillment pervade our everyday lives, with each song acting as a distinct mode through which this theme is expressed.  

 MEND is a gripping showcase of the distinguished elements that have shaped the band’s aesthetic: a commanding use of pulsing rhythms, dynamic guitar work, harmonious melodies, and spirited hooks. These aspects are diversely instilled in each song, creating an enthralling experience from start to finish.

A Sense of Purpose is:
Vocals / Jon Benjamin
Vocals, Guitar / Chris Petrof
Guitar / Kyle Whittaker
Drums / Nick Chiudioni
Bass / Seth Holt